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            1000 Entries

            12 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200311-aircom.jpg, 27.58KB

            Allied fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft

            Fighter jets from several NATO countries scrambled on Wednesday (11 March 五福彩票App下载) to intercept Russian military aircraft off the western coasts of Scotland and Ireland and over the Gulf of Biscay.
            11 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200225-deep-serbia1.jpg, 41.79KB

            NATO and Serbia boost cooperation on defence education

            On 25 February 五福彩票App下载, Major General Ilija Todorov, Deputy Commandant of the Serbian Joint Forces Command, opened the 4th Multinational Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) Workshop in Belgrade. The event was hosted by the Republic of Serbia, under the title “Focusing on NCO Professional Military Education (PME) as a tool for development of the NCO corps for the XXI Century.” It was was co-organised by NATO’s Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP) and the Partnership for Peace Consortium.
            10 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200310-bih1.jpg, 28.93KB

            NATO Secretary General meets the Foreign and Defence Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina

            NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Minister of Foreign Affairs Bisera Turković and Minister of Defence Sifet Podžić at NATO Headquarters on 10 March 五福彩票App下载 to discuss cooperation between NATO and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
            09 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200309a-001.jpg - NATO Secretary General meets with the President of Turkey, 44.19KB

            NATO Secretary General discusses situation in Syria with President Erdoğan

            NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Monday (9 March 五福彩票App下载) in Brussels.
            09 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200309-covid-19-nt.jpg, 24.62KB

            Statement by the NATO Spokesperson on COVID-19

            We can confirm that one NATO staff member working at NATO HQ in Brussels has tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member had come back from a holiday in northern Italy, felt unwell at the end of last week, and was tested due to the onset of fever-like symptoms. The staff member is currently at 五福彩票App下载 in self-isolation. Within minutes of receiving the result, all the immediate work colleagues were informed. They had been working from 五福彩票App下载 at the end of last week and continue to do so. All NATO headquarters staff have also been informed of the confirmed case. NATO continues to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and to take all necessary measures.
            06 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 150727-sg-010.jpg - NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg , 37.46KB

            Statement by the NATO Secretary General on MH17 criminal trial

            I welcome the start of the criminal trial for the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. This trial is an important milestone in the efforts to ensure justice for the 298 victims and their families.
            06 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200309-covid-19.jpg, 30.03KB

            NATO response to COVID-19

            NATO, together with other international organizations, is closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and all NATO Allies have taken preventative measures.
            06 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200305-mc-norway.jpg, 65.28KB

            The Military Committee heads north to visit founding Ally Norway

            From 3 to 5 March 五福彩票App下载, the NATO Military Committee and its Chairman, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach were in Norway. The programme included briefings at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre, in Stavanger, and visits to the Norwegian Joint Headquarters and the Air Base in Bodø.
            05 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 191120-natohq-29flags.jpg - 191120-natohq-29flags.jpg , 32.95KB

            North Atlantic Council Statement on the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

            05 Mar. 五福彩票App下载 200305-npt-anniv.jpg, 39.22KB

            NATO Declassified: Documents related to the Non-Proliferation Treaty are publicly disclosed

            March 5, 五福彩票App下载 marks the 50th anniversary of the entry into force of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

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